Welcome to Pakistan HVACR Society!

I feel honoured of being the President of Pakistan HVACR Society. I still remember its birth, its gradual growth, its passing through the teen ages and now celebrating its silver jubilee while entering into its youth & prime age of 27th. It is really a good growth, good progress and good development. All credit goes to the past presidents, past EC members and above all, to the past Chapter Chairmen and their teams. They really worked hard & harder to attain this position by spending their precious time, skill & money while sacrificing their own work. May the Almighty Allah bless them all. 

Credit also goes to small team of Society’s own staff at Islamabad, Lahore & Karachi offices who are the backbones of Society’s successful exhibitions.

I do feel proud of leading a newly elected team of brilliant & excellent brains of the Society. I assure you gentlemen, that this team shall have very cordial relations & friendly environment for the smooth sailing of the matters. 
l would like to share with you that officers come & go but the organizations / institutions do exist and do work permanently if they have the proper SoPs. ASHRAE is a good example before us which is now over 100 years old. The beauty of its working is that it has SoPs for all disciplines and everybody works accordingly. Our aim will be to develop following SoPs on the pattern of ASHRAE:-

1. Manual for EC working. 
2. Manual for Chapter working.
3. Manual for Exhibitions & Conferences.
4. Manual for Accounting & financing system.
5. Manual for Administration/HR 

One thing more, where attention is desired by this EC is, to create awareness about society & its role in Government, Semi Government & Private Sectors. No doubt, efforts have been done, yet, there are more areas where awareness is needed and we people have to address those area. 

Next point is the continuity of Society’s own Journal which needs attention. We will see how its continuity can be maintained, on breakeven point, even if there is no earning from it for the first 2 ~ 3 years. 

Advisory Council consisting of the retiring Presidents was carved out, in order to get benefit of their rich experience. Unfortunately, it has been observed that their role in the Pakistan HVACR Society is not appreciated as per their status. We may discuss this issue in the coming EC meeting to grant them VVIP status including the Founding Members in general and during Exhibition / Conference in particular plus how to make use of their rich experience. 

Last but not the least, we assure you that we may seek your guidance and support off & on and may share with you the development & progress made by the Society. Please do pray for us that The Almighty Allah may guide us to work on the right track, Ameen!!