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Pakistani Technology Award

This Award will be presented in recognition of efforts for promoting local technology as against imported technology. These efforts would not only motivate and excel the technological advancement in the country but will also help fighting against unemployment. This Award will be governed by the following procedure.

a.Criteria for Pakistani Technology Award

i.    This Award may be presented to a firm or an individual who carried out innovation through introduction of local technology.

ii.The improvement made in existing or imported technology with a view to make it economical in cost, easy to understand & environment friendly.

iii.This innovated and modified technology is based on locally produced raw material.

iv.Comply with domestic conditions and can compete with the imported techniques.

v.The idea conceived, designed an innovated technology concept that is proved through actual operation or demonstration.

vi.The Award may be presented to all the discipline of HVACR

vii.The following check points are established for evaluating the locally produced technology.

  • Saving in foreign exchange
  • Energy saving devices – how successful
  • Reduces the import
  • Potentials of exports.
  • Percentage of local raw material used.
  • If modified or improved existing technology, its impact as per above noted check points.

b.      Procedure for Nomination

i.A committee comprising of 4 members of Executive Council will be constituted under the chairmanship of a senior EC member.

ii.Complete data giving each and every detail with demonstration results will be forwarded to this committee for review and decision taking.

Committee will evaluate in depth in the light of criteria narrated above and if satisfied will recommend to the Executive Council for approval.