Welcome to Pakistan HVACR Society!

The idea conceived some 25 Years ago has grown up and after attaining maturity is now quickly marching towards state of stability. The Pakistan HVACR Society is not only a sole representative body rather it is an institution on HVACR in the country. 

Now the Society has clear cut goals and determined objectives. It has got some aggressive designs and marvelous plans, which the Society intends to implement in near future. Some of the salient features are appended here for the information of our valued readers: 

To establish, maintain and operate an association of members from the     profession of HVACR Engineering.
To promote the advancement of    HVACR engineering sciences and    technology.
To provide a central platform for  members to communicate, exchange views and ideas for development of products and services of the HVACR industry.
To develop professional skills by disseminating current informations on global changes and developments in HVACR technology.
To maintain high professional standards, establish and maintain  code of conduct.
To arrange workshops, conferences seminars and exhibitions for the advancement of HVACR engineering sciences and technology.
To provide assistance to different groups of HVACR industry, to form their individual associations and to provide guidance for keeping these associations active.
To nominate delegates for participation in national and international seminars/ exhibitions/forums.
To initiate Technical Training Programs through out the country, in all major cities.
To establish Research & Development programs
To establish Testing Laboratories pertaining to HVACR fields in the country.
Certification of HVACR products in Pakistan - the way ISO-9002 works.
Members Welfare Fund  for the help of needy members and their families.
The Induction of student membership cadre and introduction of HVACR profession at grass root level.