Welcome to Pakistan HVACR Society!


Before the formation of Pakistan HVACR Society HVACR activities were present in the Country but the professionals working in the Industry did not have a platform where all of them could come together and share their ideas and work together for the growth and advancement of this vital Industry. 

The idea of HVACR representative body was conceived for the first time in 1993. At that time, National Institute of Technical Education Islamabad - Ministry of Education, wanted to hold a National Conference / Workshop on Air- conditioning and Refrigeration Technology. In June 1993, they approached leading Manufacturers, Contractors, Engineers and Consultants associated with the HVACR Profession & industry. The idea was to consolidate and promote HVACR activities in the Country. This objective appealed to all organizations associated with the HVACR field and full support was extended to NITE. It was decided  to conduct a technical exhibition pertaining to HVACR products concurrently with a technical conference on issues & problems related to HVACR profession, trade & industry. It was decided to conduct the first Exhibition and Conference on October 23-24, 1993 at National Technical Teachers Training College Islamabad.

This event was a great success. The Conference provided an opportunity to all delegates associated with HVACR field to discuss the possibility of establishing a Society to look after the promotion of HVACR activities in the country. Subsequently, several meetings were held at Islamabad, Lahore & Karachi whichwere attended by delegates and HVACR professionals from almost all the major industrial towns of Pakistan. 

In June 1994, a meeting was held in Karachi under the chairmanship of Mr. Anwar Saadat, whereby, it was decided to establish a society to promote the interest of HVACR field in the country. This was the beginning of Pakistan HVACR Society.  
As with all new Societies the Pakistan HVACR Society passed through an extended teething period. Working procedures had to be laid down, byelaws were to be made and functional outlines had to be developed and finalized. It was agreed that once these matters were settled and Bylaws were in place, the Society would be in a better position to serve its members and the profession of HVACR.

Almost 2 decades later the Pakistan HVACR Society is one of the most vibrant and active Societies of the country. It has been successful in organizing regular Annual Conferences and Expos even though the country has been passing through one crisis after the other. It goes to the credit of the Founders of the Society and the subsequent leaders who had guided the Society through its initial years and helped it to become one of the best technical Societies of the Country.

It goes without saying that HVACR activities have tremendously progressed under the umbrella of the Society, but still a lot of work has to be done for the progress, prosperity and betterment of theHVACR profession.

Keen interest has been shown both by the business community and public at large whichis a very healthy sign and augurs well for the future of the Society.  Being a representative body, well organized and informative institution the Pakistan HVACR Society should be of tremendous help to its members and other concerned professionals by guiding and informing them on the latest advancements in the HVACR field the world over. It can also advise various Government agencies and departments  in formulating policies favorable  to HVACR activities in the country.




 The Pakistan HVACR Society has the following goals and objectives:

•    To establish, maintain and operate an association of members from the profession of HVACR Engineering.

•    To promote and advance activities of HVACR engineering sciences and technology.

•    To provide a central platform for members to communicate, exchange views and ideas for development of products and services of HVACR industry.

•    To develop professional skill by disseminating latest and uptodate  information on global changes and developments in HVACR technology.

•    To maintain high professional standards and to establish and maintain code of conduct.

•    To conduct workshops, conferences, seminars and exhibitions for advancement of HVACR engineering sciences and technology.

•    To provide assistance to different groups of HVACR industry, to form their individual associations and to provide guidance for keeping these associations active.

•    To nominate