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Best Paper Award

Knowledge dissemination and experience sharing is one of the foremost objectives of the Society. To achieve this end, apart from round the year activities, a three days technical conference is conducted on yearly basis. The professional experts, scholars, research fellows and practicing engineers are invited for presentation of technical papers.


a.Criteria for Best Paper Award

i.Two Awards may be given per year – one for paper presented in the conference and the

other for technical paper published in Pakistan HVACR Journal. The paper presented should have not been presented before or printed or published or readout any where or at any forum.

ii.Must be scholar’s own research or improvement made in existing technology.

iii.The technology introduced must be environment friendly.

iv.Economically viable

v.Reduction in import

vi. Saving in foreign exchange. 

vii.The technology so introduced must be capable of practically applicable and can be physically demonstrated.

viii.Papers specifically written for Pakistan HVACR Journal and  not previously printed, published or read out any where.


b.         Procedure for Nomination

i.A three members judges panel will be constituted by the Executive Council

ii.The panel will remain present during the conference sessions. The hard copies of

     papers would be obtained for evaluations and recommendations.

iii.The findings and the decisions of the panel will be final and not challengeable.

     However any grievances may be discussed with the panel.

The paper presented by any member of panel will not be included in the completions.