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01.       To promote the aims and objectives of the Society, the Executive Council (Council) of the Society may establish “Local Chapters” {Chapter(s)} in different cities of Pakistan if 30 or more members residing in that region can be affiliated with a Chapter.


02        The Chapters shall function in accordance with the Bylaws of the Society and these Rules and additional / amended rules framed by the Council from time to time.


03        The geographic area (region) affiliated with a Chapter shall be notified by the Council who may amend the same if the necessity so arises in future.


            At present following three Chapters shall be established:


(a)Islamabad Chapter covering the areas of Federal Capital, Rawalpindi Division of Punjab Province, NWFP and Northern Areas.

(b)Karachi Chapter covering Sindh and Baluchistan Provinces.

(c)Lahore Chapter covering Punjab Province excluding Rawalpindi Division.


04        The Council shall nominate from amongst the members of the region covered by a Chapter,’Local Council’ for that Chapter, comprising 7 members, for general control and management of the affairs, property and funds of the Chapter.


            The term of the Local Council(s) shall end alongwith that of the Council. A member of the Council nominated for the Local Council while accepting the nomination, shall resign from the Council.


05        The Local Council shall work in accordance with the Bylaws of the Society, these Rules and general directions given by the Council from time to time, and manage the affairs of the Chapter and maintain a register of members within its region. The Local Council shall arrange meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, etc. to promote the aims and objectives of the Society.


            The Local Council will promote the cause of the Society and carry out activities in the interest of the members.


06        The Council shall designate one of its members to preside over the first meeting of a Local Council as an Election Officer wherein the members of the Local Council shall elect by secret ballot, from amongst themselves following four office bearers by a simple majority vote of the total membership in each case.


  1. Chairman

a)   Honorary Secretary

  1. Honorary Treasurer
  2. Honorary Media & Membership Secretary



After completion of the election, the Election Officer will hand over the meeting to the elected Chairman.


07.       a)     Any vacancy occurring in the Local Council during the term of office shall be

                    filled by the Council by nomination as provided in clause 04.


b)   Any vacancy occurring in the office bearers shall be filled by the Local Council

      members by election with a simple majority vote of the total membership.  


08.      The Local Council will hold at least 9 meetings during a year and the interval between 2 meetings shall not exceed 8 weeks. The quorum for all meetings shall be four including at least 2 office bearers.


           The Chairman of the Local Council shall preside over its meetings. In his absence the Honorary Secretary shall preside over a meeting.


09.       The Council may invite the Chairman of the Chapters to attend the meetings of the Council.


10.       The members of the Society residing within the region of a Chapter shall be affiliated for administrative purposes with that Chapter. On change of residence the member shall notify the Honorary Secretaries of the previous Chapter and new Chapter so that the register of members maintained by respective Chapters and the Society is updated accordingly.


11.       The Local Council shall maintain account / bank accounts for the Chapter. The accounts shall be opened in scheduled banks. The deposit books and chequebooks of the bank accounts shall be in the custody of the Honorary Treasurer. The bank accounts shall be operated jointly by the Honorary Treasurer and one of the two office bearers nominated for this purpose by the Local Council.


            The Honorary Treasurer shall properly maintain the accounts books for the Chapter and make payments as directed by the Chapter Chairman and deposit the payments received in the bank accounts.


            The Honorary Treasurer will prepare annual statement of accounts for timely submission (after approval by the Local Council) to the appointed auditor and send the said statement alongwith the auditor’s report to the Honorary Treasurer for consolidation of Society’s accounts and audit by the Society’s Auditor in accordance with the Bylaws.


12.       The Local Council will receive applications and payments from applicants for membership, scrutinize and forward the applications with their recommendations to the Honorary General Secretary for consideration and approval by the Council in accordance with the Bylaws.


13.       The Local Council will receive membership and other dues from the members, fees from delegates / participants of seminars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, etc. and donations and deposit the same in the bank accounts.









14.       a)   The Local Council will periodically transfer funds to the Society’s accounts as                         

                  directed by the Council.


            b)   The Local Council will furnish a complete statement of accounts at the end of  

                   every quarter to the Honorary Finance Secretary for information and 

                   consideration by the Council.


15.       If in the opinion of the Executive Council, the Local Council is being run in a manner inconsistent with the aims and objectives of the Society, the Council shall by a resolution passed by a simple majority vote of the total membership of the Council, have powers to:


a)Dissolve a Local Council.

b)Annul the authority of the Local Council and its office bearers to operate the bank accounts of the Chapter.

c)Take necessary action to appropriate all records, documents and assets of the Chapter.

d)Take any other action deemed necessary in the interest of the Society.

16.       In case of dissolution of a Local Council in accordance with clause 15, the Council shall nominate members for a new Local council in accordance with clause 04 and elections for new office bearers shall be held in accordance with clause 06.


17.       a)   All decisions of the Local Council shall be by a resolution passed in a meeting  

by a simple majority vote of the members present in the meeting except where these Rules otherwise stipulate.


b)The Local Council shall have the powers to amend or annul a previously passed resolution in a subsequent meeting. 

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