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GENERAL BODY: 5.1       The General Body of the Society shall consist of the founder members (Article 4.1), all individual members (Article 4.3) and the nominees of the associations as listed in Article 4.2.

  1. A meeting of the General Body shall be held at least once every calendar year and not later than nine months after the end of its financial year. In the meetings the General Body will consider all matters pertaining to collective interests including national / international matters, its obligations and other duties as required.


5.3     Annual meeting to be held in accordance with Clause 5.2.

  1. The General Body shall consider and approve the annual report submitted by the Honorary General Secretary.
  2. The General Body shall approve the annual income / expenditure accounts for the current year and budget for the next year submitted by the Honorary Finance Secretary (as previously approved by the Council) with amendments, if necessary, appoint auditors, frame future plans and policies of the Society for the guidance of the Council.

5.4    The Council in special circumstances shall call emergency meeting of the General Body for a specific agenda.

5.5    A proper notice for all the meetings giving place, date and time of the meeting alongwith agenda shall be sent to the members by the Honorary General Secretary at least three weeks before the date of the meeting.