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Chapter Activity Award

This award goes to a chapter on the basis of over all performance exhibited during the proceeding year. This award will certainly tend to enhance interaction and sense of competition among the chapters.


a.Criteria for Chapter Activity Award

i.         Evaluation of different segments of expo and conference would be made;

  • Opening Ceremony and chief guest
  • Number of Stalls offered and sold out and left over stalls.
  • How many new exhibitors inducted
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of technical papers presented at the conference.
  • Financial aspects of Expo & Conference

-           Total stall income

-           Total expenditures

-           Net saving (deficit)

            ii.         New professional and student members inducted

            iii.        Number of Not Good Order members brought back into main stream.

            iv.        Technical Course conducted

            v.         Technical book or any professional publication printed

            vi.        Contribution made in Pakistan HVACR Journal in shape of technical matter.

ii.Social / Family get-together program arranged.

iii.Financial support and help extended to the needy members or their families.


b.         Procedure for Nomination

i.Head Quarter will compile a comparative data and analysis at the end of Expo &

     Conference which would be presented  in the next  Executive Council  meeting.

ii.The Executive Council will constitute a five members committee under the chairmanship of senior member. The committee will submit its report and recommendations at the next EC meeting for final approval.

The award will be presented on the eve of next Expo & Conference to the chapter chairman. The award will  be displayed at the chapter office.